To live and lead better lives


Do Hope is an expression of Jerusalem Artists, Musicians and Media/ JAMM a Jerusalem based Non-Profit for the promotion of the arts and sustainable community humanitarian initiatives since 1999  


 Discover hidden talents..

Discover hidden talents..

To Do Hope for us means to help others live and lead better lives -  to create safe, caring and creative spaces where faith and culture intersect in community.



How is this accomplished?  It takes a community to build a community. 


Motivated by the Love of God which Brings Hope & Builds Community

What do we do?

  1. Provide Food and other essential sustaining materials for people in need
  2. Renovation and repair of residential living space, basements and bomb shelters
  3. Jerusalem Kiryat HaYovel community centre kitchen providing hot meals to at-risk teens
  4.  The Do Hope™ team is comprised of local and from time to time, international volunteers
  5.  Music Room Project  "You surround me with songs of deliverance" - Psalm 32:7
 Kiryat HaYovel DoHope™

Kiryat HaYovel DoHope™

Providing a music discovery program where underprivileged teens discover their creative potential though music, singing, songwriting and recording. An array of music lessons, instrument, vocal training, practice and performance is provided.

Empowerment - The focus of all the activities is to create trusting environment for youth workers to interact with the teens for empowerment of mind, body and spirit.

All photos on this site were taken by Richard Frieden unless otherwise mentioned. Photo below of our Music Room was taken by Amit Sadras, who also renovated our music room!

  Celebrating Israel at 70

Celebrating Israel at 70